Link TotalAgility to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. Navigate to Integration > Dynamics CRM.

    The Dynamics CRM page appears.

  2. Click New.

    The New CRM system configuration dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter an ID for the CRM server.
  4. Select either of the following options to Configure CRM:



    Use discovery service

    To retrieve all organizations from a server, do the following:

    1. Enter the Discovery service URL.

      Note You can specify complete URL (for example, http://<server name>/XRMServices/2011/Discovery.svc) or just the server name (for example, http://<server_name> for Discovery service URL.
    2. Enter the Username, Password and Domain.

      All organizations from the selected server appear on the Organizations list.

    3. Select the organization on the Organizations list.

    Enter manually

    To enter the CRM organization details manually, do the following:

    1. Enter the server name or IP address in the Server name/IP field.

    2. Enter the Port number.

    3. To have a secure (https) connection, select Is secure.

    4. Go to CRM Server, copy the organization name and paste it in the Organization field.

      The specified CRM organization appears on the list in the Dynamics CRM page.

    5. Enter the Username, Password and Domain.

  5. Click Save.