Create a process trigger

Create duration or budget triggers to actively manage your Service Level Agreements.

  1. In the properties panel of the process, on the Time and Cost tab, under Duration/Budget triggers, click for Process.
  2. On the Process list, select a process that will take the corrective action when the trigger is set.

    Note You can only use a Business Process type map for duration trigger; you cannot use a Case or a Case fragment type.

  3. Specify when to create a job on process to execute the trigger.
    • When the certain percentage of Budget is spent. For example, execute the trigger when 80% of your budget is spent. To execute another trigger when you have overspent the budget by 20%, set the trigger at 120% of budget.
      Note Before setting up a trigger for budget escalation, you must first allocate an estimated budget to your business process (Process properties>Time and cost>Budget); otherwise, you cannot create a budget trigger.
    • Before or after the expected finish time in days, hours, minutes and /or seconds. To fire the trigger before the target duration, select Before (-) or to fire the trigger after the target duration, select After (+).
  4. Click Add.
    The process trigger is created.