Activity forms

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > User behavior > Activity forms.

    The Activity forms dialog box is displayed.

  2. Configure the settings, as needed.

    Activity forms

    Allow save

    If selected, displays the Save button when you take the activity. The Save button allows you to save the activity changes to your work queue at runtime.

    Allow complete and next

    If selected, displays the Complete and next button at runtime when you take the activity. This button allows you to complete the current activity and take the next activity from your work queue.

    Note The Allow save and Allow complete and next options are only available for the generic take activity forms that are system generated.

    End of capture activity behavior when valid

    Show activity settings

    Shows the Activity settings dialog box button on the Document Review, Verification, and Validation forms.

    End of activity

    The end of activity behavior:

    • Keep the activity open (requires the activity to be completed).

    • Prompt me before automatically completing the activity. (Default)

    • Automatically complete the activity without prompting me.

    Image rotation

    Preserve OCR data on rotate

    If selected, enables rotating a page without losing OCR data and field data associated with the page.

  3. Click Save.