Design a basic process

You can add activities, decision, annotation, attachment and end node to a process map.

Once a process is created, you can move and link elements, delete the link between elements, delete elements (except the start node), change the orientation, zoom the process, automatically rearrange the layout and snap to grid.

See Process design guidelines in Kofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

  1. Navigate to Workflow > Business processes.
    1. Click New. A process map Design view opens in a new browser tab.

    • The system creates a new map with some default properties.

    • By default, Design is selected on the Modeling bar.

    • The Start node appears on the canvas.

  2. A default name appears in the Name field. You can change the name for the process as required.
  3. Add the following:

  4. Configure the process properties.
  5. To link two nodes, drag the arrow connector from one node to another.

    A line appears indicating the connection.

  6. Optional. Model your process map to add collaboration activities and message flows.
  7. Save and release the map.