Configure the retention policy

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > Database, retention and reporting > Retention policy.
    The Retention policy dialog box is displayed.
  2. By default, all versions are retained for an item (Forms, Processes, Business rules, Classification groups and Extraction groups). To configure the number of versions you want to retain for an item, under Version Based Retention, select Custom and select the number of versions, such as Last 8 Versions - the latest eight versions of the selected item are retained. (Default: Last 10 Versions, Minimum: Last 1 Versions.)
  3. By default, an item is retained permanently. To configure the time-based retention period for Internal users, External users, Audit log entries, Documents and KCM packs, under Time Based Retention, select Custom and then select the number of years, months, and days. (Default: 1 Year, 0 Months, 0 Days, and Minimum: 1 Day)
  4. Under Retention Process Execution, select the Maximum documents and Maximum jobs that can be deleted per retention task execution. (Default: 1000).
    Note You must set a retention period at process level in order to get Jobs purged by the Retention Policy System Task. See Retention period.
  5. Click Save.

    The configured settings are saved.

    Note Restart the Kofax TotalAgility services for the settings to take effect.