SLA and work assignment

Service Level Agreement (SLA ) is the visual representation of a threshold status or job and activity state on a job list or work queue.

You can specify fully configurable SLA indicators for any job or activity allowing process participants to rapidly see when processes are at risk of exceeding targets, and allowing them to take corrective action if necessary.

TotalAgility supports a maximum of five statuses, which are defined at the server level. Two statuses— Green and Amber are active by default, with the option to include Red, Black and Purple. The status names, such as Red or Green are configurable.

Configure SLA and work assignment

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > Process > SLA and work assignment.

    The SLA and work assignment dialog box is displayed.

  2. Configure the following settings.



    Service level agreement

    Active SLA statuses

    Enables you to define a number for active SLA statuses, up to a maximum of five. (Default: 3)

    • 1: Only Green is active.

    • 2: Green and Amber are active.

    • 3: Green, Amber and Red are active.

    • 4: Green, Amber, Red and Black are active.

    • 5: Green, Amber, Red, Black and Purple are active.

    SLA status names

    The status names (Green-Amber-Red-Black-Purple). The default status names available are Green, Amber and Red.

    You can change the name of an active status. For example, to change the name of Green to Blue, do the following:

    1. Select the status name such as Green and click .

    2. Change the name as needed.

    3. Click OK.

    Activity assignment

    For best practices on activity assignment, see Activity allocation in Kofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

    Automatic assignment

    If selected, automatically assigns resources using the allocation algorithm. (Default: Clear)

    Allocation algorithm

    Allows you to find the right resource for a task and automatically assign the task to that resource:

    • First found (default): Offers the activity to the first available resource. The system checks resources in the waiting state first.

    • Cost: Offers the activity to the least expensive available resource.

    • Skill: Offers the activity to the available resource with the highest skill level.

    • Speed: Offers the activity to the available resource with the highest productivity rating.

    Note Use the allocation algorithm property on the History, reporting and execution tab of a process map to set the allocation algorithm for that process map. The process map setting overrides the server setting.

    Skill level

    Allows you to set skill level for your subordinates for processes to which they have access:

    • Server (default): Considers the default skill levels of a resource. Skill levels are set at the time of creating a resource.

    • Process: Considers the skill level at the process level set under activity properties (Activity properties > Resource assignment).

    • Not used: Considers resource with any skill level to take the jobs.

    For more information on skill levels, see Set the skill levels of a resource. Also see Skill level inKofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

    Work queue

    Max rows to return

    The maximum number of activity rows to retrieve at a time. For example, if 1000 activities exist, you can retrieve only 500 rows in a work queue.

    Note The number of activity rows cannot exceed 5000. (Default: 50)

  3. Click Save.

    Restart the TotalAgility services for the settings to take effect.