Edit profile

You can change your display name, working category, password, and add or remove your profile picture.

You can also choose to display the list of recent items when you log in to TotalAgility.

  1. On the header bar of TotalAgility, click the logged-on user's name, and click Profile.

    The Edit profile dialog box is displayed.

  2. Change the display name and working category as needed.
  3. To include the list of items that you were working on last, select Show recent items on logon.

    A maximum of 30 recent items can be displayed on the Recent items page.

  4. To change the password, click Change password, make changes as needed, and click Save.
  5. To add the profile picture, click Browse, select the picture, and click Open.

    To remove the picture, click Remove.

  6. Click Save.