Time and cost

Configure the time and cost properties of a new process.

Duration/Expected finish time
The expected duration of the process which in turn calculates the expected finish time (relative to job creation).

Available options are:

  • Time: The time in days, hours, minutes and/or seconds.

  • By a date: A date variable to determine the time.

  • Milestone: Time relative to a milestone.

Service level agreement

See Service level agreement.


Expected cost

Overall expected cost of performing the job.


The amount of money allocated to a process (mainly case fragments). A budget helps managers track and monitor key business processes to determine whether the process is under or over budget. The budget can be a static amount or dynamic amount.

The budget and expected cost are different. For example, a typical Appeals case process is made up of several case fragments such as Register an Appeal, Medical Examination, or Convene Court Hearing. A budget is usually associated with the overall case fragments and is the summation of the expected cost of each case fragment.