Scan forms

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > User behavior > Scan forms.

    The Scan forms dialog box is displayed.

    The system populates some fields with default values. You can change the values for those fields to suit your configuration.

  2. Configure the settings as needed.

    File Upload

    Disable the file upload settings in the TotalAgility Designer to avoid the need to manually modify the Web configuration file (Web.config).

    Maximum binary chunk size

    Determines the maximum size when a single page of an image or imported file is sent to the server from the scan form.

    If the page is smaller than the chunk size, the complete page is sent; otherwise, the page is split into chunks. (Default: 10240 Kilobytes)

    Maximum number of upload requests

    Sets the number of concurrent upload requests.

    The chunked image upload is slower than whole image upload with the same number of concurrent upload requests. Increasing the number of upload requests increases performance. (Default: 2, Minimum: 1 and Maximum: 2147483647)

    Note You can configure the maximum binary chunk size and maximum number of upload requests on a per tenant basis.

    Scan/VRS profile

    Set Kofax VRS elite profile from scan profile name

    Sets the VRS Elite profile based on the assigned TotalAgility Scan/VRS profile in the Scan Client, so that you need not rely on scan operators to select the correct VRS Elite profile. This setting only applies to Scan create new job and Scan activity forms, and does not apply to the Web Capture forms.

    • When you create a TotalAgility Scan/VRS profile with some name on the server and create Kofax VRS Elite profile with the same name on client machine, and configure the Scan Client to work with created Scan/VRS profile, specific VRS Elite scanner profile loads automatically. That is, when the operator begins using the Scan Client scan with VRS Elite scan source and selects the VRS/VRS profile with matching name, Kofax VRS Elite will use corresponding VRS Elite profile during scan. The connection between the profiles are only names. The settings from the Kofax Scan/VRS profile are not applied to VRS Elite profiles.

    • When you upgrade from previous versions of TotalAgility, this setting is not selected by default.

    • If corresponding VRS profile does not exist or there is an error selecting this profile, the Scan Client ignores this and continues scanning without setting VRS Elite profile.

      If VRS Elite profile was already selected, this profile remains selected even if you select another Scan/VRS profile which does not have a corresponding VRS Elite profile.

  3. Click Save.