Rerun mode

In the rerun mode, a pack is passed to the control. The pack contains the document that was generated, and a snapshot of the data (data backbone) used to create the document. The KCM control uses a Data backbone property that outputs the data from the snapshot that was updated during rerun. If needed, you can pass this data back into the business process to update the data backbone. But the data output from the control does not contain any updates to the data backbone in your process that were made since the documents were originally created. Hence, there is a possibility of data loss, or data overwritten.

  1. In the properties panel of the KCM control, click the Configuration tab.
  2. For Mode of operation, select Rerun. (Default: Compose)
  3. Under Initialization, configure the following properties:
    1. KCM instance: The KCM instance to use.
    2. Pack ID: A global variable, form variable or form control that holds the ID of the Pack (zip file) created in KCM (after Compose) and stored in TotalAgility. You can also pass an existing Pack ID.
    3. Tracking ID (optional): A global variable, form variable or a form field, or an inline value such as JobID or Case Ref, to track the activity in the KCM logs.
      Note You can only use alphanumeric characters for Tracking ID.
  4. Under Distribution, configure the control to perform distribution.
    Note Distribution is not supported for a cloud deployment of KCM. If an unsuitable instance is consumed, an error appears.
    1. To allow distributing documents, select Distribute (default: Clear).

      All documents in the pack are sent to KCM server and KCM server performs the distribution.

    2. On the Distribute mechanism list, select a mechanism to distribute documents.
      • Archive: The KCM server sends the documents to archive storage configured within the KCM server.

      • Email: The KCM server distributes the documents through email.

      • Portal: The KCM server posts the documents to a Web portal so that recipients can view online.

        Note An email with a URL is sent to the user who must logon to a secure portal to view the documents.

      • Print: The KCM server sends the documents to a printer so that they can be printed.

      Note TotalAgility does not support SignDoc for the KCM control.

    KCM uses scripts to perform the distribution. The scripts are custom written and are shared across projects. The only way to pass data into the script is via the concept of metadata. This is a set of key-value pairs.

  5. To configure the metadata, do the following:
    1. Click .
    2. Enter a Key name (free text).
    3. In the Value field, select a variable (global or form) or form control, or click and enter an inline value.
    4. Click Add. The key-value pair appears in the table.
  6. Save or release the form.