Manage page renditions

  1. Navigate to System > System settings > Capture > Page renditions.

    The Page renditions dialog box is displayed.

  2. In the Number of rendition images field, enter or select the number of rendition slots.

    The selected number of renditions with default name (such as, Page Rendition_1, PagRedition_2) are created in the table, and also appear on the Default displaying image list in addition to the existing Page Source Image slot.

    For example, if the number of rendition images is two, each page can have up to three versions of an image. They include the Page Source Image, PageRendition_1, and PageRendition_2. (Default number of rendition images: 0, Maximum: 5)

  3. To edit the page rendition names, do the following:
    1. Double click the rendition, or select a rendition from the table and click .

      The Name field displays the default rendition name.

    2. Enter a different Name for the rendition and click OK.

      This name is reflected in the toolbar icon tooltips and default image options at runtime.

    3. Rename other renditions as needed.

    Note If you reduce the number of rendition images, the last rendition is automatically removed.

  4. On the Default displaying image list, select the default image slot the Capture user interface should display.
    Note The Default displaying image slot can be one of the defined page renditions, or the Page Source Image slot. If the selected default image is not available, the Page Source Image is used.
  5. Click Save.