Extract field values from QR codes (2D barcodes)

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices can now extract field values from QR codes on invoices making it easier to create and pay bills since all payment information is included in the QR code.

When QR codes are specified for extraction, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices searches for the fields on all pages of the invoice including appendices. Note the following:

  • An invoice can only contain one QR code. If more than one is found, an error is displayed telling you how many were found.
  • If any issues occur while extracting the barcode, "*" is displayed as the result.
  • If no barcodes are found on an invoice, the resulting field is left empty and has "Field Error" status.
  • If validation of the QR reference number in the QR code fails, the full value is displayed with the checksum field. Otherwise, only the field value without the checksum field is displayed.

Do the following to extract field values from QR codes:

  1. You must first specify which QR standards can be used and which fields to extract for each standard in eiglobal.ini. Note that field values will not be extracted correctly if the fields and line numbers are not mapped correctly. See the "[QRStandards] section" topic in INI file help for instructions. Note that custom field types can be added to capture other fields in the QR code.
  2. In the Manager module, open the desired invoice profile (it must be inactive). Note that the current implementation works best with the Swiss country profile. While adding a barcode field profile, select QRCODE in the Type dropdown list in the Format settings section in the the barcode field profile dialog.
  3. Close and save the invoice profile.
  4. Process invoices using the invoice profile.
  5. In Verify, draw the barcode on the image, and the recognized result is displayed in the corresponding field profile based on the configuration.