Specify a delivery address

A delivery address is included in invoices sent to a recipient.

  1. Click Settings > Addresses.
  2. To add a new recipient address, click Add address.

    Fields for a delivery address appear.

  3. Specify a meaningful name for the recipient. This name is used by suppliers as:

    • Electronic recipient of the invoice.
    • Buyer address and/or delivery address, while the electronic recipient address is different.

  4. Fill in the address fields.
  5. (Optional) Enter an identifier by which e-invoices are routed to this recipient address:
    • Official ID

      Select your country. For Identifier type, select a type available for your country: VAT/Tax ID, IBAN, GLN, and so on. Specify the respective ID.

    • Free-form ID

      Select Other ID for Identifier type and specify an ID.


      Specify an ID in the e-ID field.

    Kofax Invoice Portal routes invoices only to the recipients who have a unique identifier and file transport settings.
  6. Additionally, you can:
    • Make this address your legal address.

      Select the Legal address check box under the address fields and click Yes.

    • Make this address an electronic recipient. (Available for members who are set up to receive invoices.)

      Select the Recipient check box under the address fields and provide file transport settings. Make sure to specify a unique identifier.

    • Disable displaying the address as a delivery address.

      Clear the Delivery address check box under the address fields.

      This delivery address will not be available for selection when creating an invoice in the Kofax Invoice Portal web interface.

  7. When you are done, click Save.