Under Settings > Addresses, you can view, edit, and delete electronic recipients and delivery addresses within your organization as well as change the legal address.

A recipient is a member representative in Kofax Invoice Portal that can receive e-invoices through Kofax Invoice Portal and has individual receiving settings and an address. By creating a recipient, you can specify individual receiving settings per every branch, department, or office you have, saying what and how they receive. Such settings include: identifiers, email addresses or other file transport options, invoice format, validation rules and other settings, as described further in this topic.

After setting up multiple recipients, you can continue customizing your requirements for incoming invoices per recipient: set up field validation and adjust other settings related to receiving invoices.

If you are set up to receive invoices, use the Addresses page to view and edit the list of your recipients. If you are not set up to receive invoices, you cannot create recipients, but you can create delivery addresses and edit address information for your company.