Membership level

On the welcome page, you can view your membership level indicating the number of invoices available for you per month.

Also, the information about your membership level is included in the footer on each page in Kofax Invoice Portal.

If you are upgrading your account, the change goes into effect immediately, and you have access to all the features included in that membership level. If you are downgrading, the change goes into effect at the end of the contracted period.

  1. Right under the tab menu, click Upgrade.
  2. Read through the features and decide which level best suits your needs.
  3. Under the level descriptions, click the level to which you want to change.

    For the Plus and Premium levels, select the invoice volume on the drop-down menu.

  4. If applicable, type a registration code under Enter a registration code.
  5. Add a comment by clicking Add comment and then selecting whether you want information about connecting Kofax Invoice Portal with your billing system, information about using virtual printer solutions, or any other information regarding your membership (if so, type a short message).
  6. Click Change.