Party identifiers

Identifiers, such as your VAT or organization number, help suppliers and customers find you in Kofax Invoice Portal. They are shown on invoices sent to you or by you. Specify at least one. Depending on your country, there may be more identifiers required during registration. You can add more afterwards as shown in this topic.

You may need to provide specific types of identifiers, for example, IBAN, GLN, or VAT/Tax ID, if you plan to work with operators, such as Peppol. Find out their requirements and provide necessary data (such as party identifier detailed type) to ensure your invoices are received and sent successfully. The detailed type is a unique label of a specific party identifier. For example, the detailed type for the Swedish VAT identifier is SE:VAT.

To send invoices to some Scandinavian countries, the sender must provide an Organization ID. In this case, you can type anything in this field as it must not be empty in the invoices.

  1. Click Settings > Member account.
  2. Under Party identifiers, you can perform the following actions.
    • To add an identifier, select the country, type of identifier, identifier detailed type, and enter the identifier. Then click Add.

      In many cases, the type of identifiers is country-specific. Also, some country-specific identifiers have multiple detailed types.

    • To change the value of an identifier, enter the new value in the appropriate field.
    • To delete an identifier, find it in the list and click Delete.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.