Reference validation settings

You can use field validation only if your recipient profile supports it.

Incoming invoices may be validated using reference values in specific fields. For example, you inform suppliers that their invoices to you must have this value (or a range of values) in a certain field. Then you specify this setting in Kofax Invoice Portal. Kofax Invoice Portal checks whether the reference values are provided in the field or fields to be validated. If such values are incorrect or missing, the invoice sent to you is rejected. You can specify different field validation rules per every recipient office you have set up in Kofax Invoice Portal.

  1. Under Reference validation settings, click Edit.
  2. Select a recipient within your organization for whose incoming invoices you want to set field validation.

    Information about the recipient's operator, the recipient profile, and existing references (if any) is shown.

  3. Under Choose validatable field, select the applicable field name.

    The drop-down list displays only field names available under your recipient profile.

  4. Under Type of reference validation, select one of the following options:
    • Select Reference list to provide a list of values that are allowed in the validatable field.

      1. Click Add reference at the bottom of the page. Specify the reference value, provide a description and click Save.

      2. Repeat the step, if necessary, to provide more values.

        Invoices without one of the provided values in this field will be rejected.

      3. Select Apply auto correction of references on incoming invoices to allow Kofax Invoice Portal to isolate content that matches any reference value from the rest of the text in the field. Otherwise, invoices that contain extra text along with a correct value will be rejected.

      4. Select Use case-sensitive reference validation to enforce rejecting invoices with reference values containing text in the wrong letter case, for example, "amy watts" instead of "Amy Watts".

    • Select Pattern rule to verify input in the validatable field according to a rule.

      1. Type a regular expression.

      2. Click Save.

        Invoices in which the validatable field value does satisfy the rule, will be rejected.

  5. To add validation to more fields, if available in your recipient profile, follow the preceding instruction to set up Choose validatable field and Type of reference validation.
  6. When you are done, click Save.

    The validation values or rules are applied immediately after saving.