Set up a recipient

You can set up multiple recipients that receive electronic invoices directly at the specified electronic address/business system.

Individual file transport settings replace the "All recipients" configuration on the Receiving settings page for this recipient.

  1. Under Settings > Addresses, click Add address.
  2. Select the Recipient check box to configure how e-invoices will be delivered to this recipient (file transport means):
    • Not yet ready to receive invoices: The recipient is active as a member, but suppliers cannot find them in the system, and cannot send invoices to them.
    • Receive invoices in web interface only: Invoices are received through Invoice Portal only.
    • Receive invoices via API integration: Invoices are received through Invoice Portal and the recipient's applications integrated with Invoice Portal through API.
    • Receive invoices as PDFs by email: Invoices are received through Invoice Portal and email. Specify the email address in the Email address box that opens below.
    • Receive invoices via business system integration: Specify custom file transport means in addition to Invoice Portal.
      To ensure safe e-invoice delivery, in Receive invoices via business system integration, select only the recipient profile and the file transport means agreed with a Support specialist.
  3. If you select Receive invoices via business system integration, specify a recipient profile (your system, invoice format, and custom rules) as well as transport means:
    1. Under Recipient profile, select the recipient profile and click Add.
      The item is added to your list of recipient profiles with the default transportation option.

      It is possible to use multiple recipient profiles or different file transport means per recipient.

      For information about your recipient profile, contact a Support specialist.

    2. To change transport settings, click Setup next to the recipient profile.

      A Transportation setup dialog box appears.

    3. Select a file transport option to use for receiving invoices according to the selected recipient profile:
      • Email and specify the email address.

      • FTP and specify the FTP server*, Port*, Username*, Password*, and other FTP settings as necessary.

      • Click More details and for Operator, select an eDelivery network.

  4. Specify Envelope ID, the respective country, and identifier type, if this ID is required by your operator. Envelope ID is added automatically to the header of invoices transferred to your operator through Kofax Invoice Portal.
  5. (Optional) Under Invoicing instructions, write a message to suppliers.

    This text is displayed on top of the web page for creating an invoice, so that suppliers can read it first. These instructions usually contain information that you want to be included in invoices, such as the cost center.

  6. (Optional) For Internal reference, provide text that will help you link incoming invoices to this particular recipient.

    It may be used to sort incoming invoices. You do not have to ask suppliers to fill in this field, as it is done automatically when an invoice is transferred to you via Kofax Invoice Portal.

  7. Click Save.