Incoming invoice rejection

By default, incoming invoices that do not match your receiving settings are rejected. Some senders receive notifications about the rejection, some do not. You can customize how to handle faulty incoming invoices by suspending or disabling their automatic rejection.

Under Incoming invoice rejection, select the following settings as necessary.

Option Procedure

If the sender cannot be notified, you can enable automatic or delayed acceptance.

  1. Select:

    • Accept automatically without delay to receive all invoices.

    • Disable automatic acceptance of invoices (not recommended) to never automatically accept invalid invoices.

      Select this option if you plan to manually handle invalid incoming invoices in the Rejected queue. By selecting this option, you agree that you understand that such invoices will not be delivered to you. Also, the sender will not be notified that you have not received the invoice, unless you manually handle it in the Rejected queue.

      If you plan to clear the Disable automatic acceptance of invoices check box later, all your pending invalid invoices will require manual handling in the Rejected queue.

  2. In Days until auto-accept, enter the number of days to set the review period after which rejected invoices will be accepted.

If the sender can be notified, you can suspend automatic rejection.

  1. Select Enable management of stopped invoices before sender is notified to suspend rejection.

  2. In Days until auto-reject, enter the number of days to set the review period after which invoices will be rejected.