Help naming conventions

The following naming conventions apply to the Kofax Invoice Portal help system.

Throughout this help system, the term "member" is used to denote an organization or a company. A member comprises at least one member administrator.
Member administrator
The term "member administrator" is applied to users with administrator privileges.
Member user
The term "member user" is applied to users with standard privileges.
Recipient profile
A recipient profile indicates a set of custom rules regulating the general view of an invoice received by a customer (recipient.) According to these preset rules, every invoice includes or excludes specific fields. Recipient profiles also define which fields are required and which information is obligatory for a recipient.

Invoice Portal applies recipient profiles to regulate the e-invoicing relationship between customers and suppliers. For example, a recipient wants to receive invoices in the Svefaktura format. A supplier, by means of the certain recipient profile, sends an invoice in the Svefaktura format. The sent invoice is validated according to the rules of the required format, the fields are filled in correctly and correspond to the format standards.