1. Click Settings > Sending.
  2. Under Misc, click Clear VAT percentage cache.

    The Clear VAT percentage cache page opens.

    Value-added tax (VAT) is used when creating invoices and displayed in the VAT % drop-down list. When you start using Kofax Invoice Portal, this list is empty. VAT rates are added here as you use them on invoices. You can remove excessive VAT rates.

  3. Find the value to remove and click Delete.
  4. Click Back to complete editing your sending settings.
  5. Under Misc, select Automatically provide next invoice number.

    For Start value, type a number.

  6. Under Misc, select the appropriate check boxes:
    • Require manual confirmation before transferred invoice is sent as an e-invoice
    • Require manual confirmation before transferred invoice is emailed as a PDF
  7. To enable manual confirmation of invoices to be sent to the printing service, scroll up to Printing service. If the option is available and enabled, make sure that Require manual confirmation before sending transferred invoice to the printing service is selected.
  8. Click Save at the bottom of the page.