Invoice lines

Specify the products or services that the invoice pertains to and the pricing details. If you are going to bill for several different articles, add more lines by clicking New line.

  • Available fields depend on the information your recipient requires to have on the invoice.

    The fields available in the "Invoice lines" section depend on your business rule configuration. Not all of the fields described in this topic are available for every Invoice Portal member user. Many of the undocumented fields require additional configuration. For more information, contact your member administrator.

  • The check mark icon indicates which fields are required. When the fields are filled in, the icon turns blue: .
  • Click More details to include additional information such as the buyer order number, delivery note number, delivery date, or additional attributes.

Invoice lines: Fields and description

  • Line: The line number of the invoice line is assigned automatically as a sequential number.

  • Description: Specify the item that you are invoicing.

  • Supplier art. No: Specify the item number of the product/service.

  • Quantity: Specify the number of units.

  • Unit: Select the measurement unit. For example, if you invoice for an object, select pcs. If you invoice for a service, you can use the number of hours.

    The list of the suggested units depends on the recipient that you have selected.

    You can search for the required unit by code, format, and description.

  • Price: Enter the price in your chosen currency.

  • Unit price basis: Enter the quantity the price is based on.

  • Discount %: If there is a discount on the item, it is listed here. Deduct a discount on the invoice line itself. If a discount is 50% and the item costs 1000 currency units you have to indicate that the price is 500 currency units.

  • Line amount: Enter the resulting price for the article. If Quantity and Price are specified, the amount is calculated automatically.

  • VAT %: Specify the VAT applicable to the line. If the VAT is 0%, select Tax exempt under Payment details above.

  • Tax exemption text: If you have selected Tax exempt, you must also indicate the reason for this. A short sentence is enough.

  • Tax category: The category is assigned automatically but it may be changed.

  • Allowances and charges: Enter allowances and charges per invoice line for the customer's information. The amounts you enter do not influence the line amount or total amounts in the summary. For example, for an allowance, deduct the amount on the invoice line itself. If it is 50% and an item costs 1000 currency units, indicate that the price is 500 currency units.

    Alternately, to specify allowances and charges that apply to the whole invoice and are deducted from or added to the total amount automatically, use the Allowances and charges at the Invoice header level above.

  • Add traceability info: Add the product trace ID, serial number, and manufacture date/time.