Complete editing an invoice

  1. Under Summary, the amounts total are adjusted automatically as you edit the invoice.
    1. To round off the Amount due up or down to the nearest whole number, click the Calc button.
    2. For Total prepaid amount, specify how much of the balance has been prepaid. This amount is deducted from the amount due.
    3. Check that the other amounts listed under Summary are correct. If a number is incorrect, double-check the details you specified.
  2. When you are done editing, click one of these buttons:
    • Save: If you do not plan to send the invoice now, you can save it. Access this invoice in Invoice > Drafts.
    • Check: Check the invoice against the recipient's requirements and verify that you have filled in all the required fields.
    • PDF: Export the invoice to PDF format to download it to your computer. Also, click to preview the invoice before sending it.
    • Send: Send the invoice to the recipient.
    • Cancel: Click if you do not want to send or save the invoice. You will not be able to access it again.
Any potential errors are displayed under the Summary section.