Payment method

Payment method is included in your outgoing invoices. Kofax Invoice Portal can also use this information as a way of identifying you in the system.

Add payment method

  1. Click Settings > Sending.
  2. Under Payment method, select the type of the payment method, such as IBAN or Bankgiro, on the drop-down menu and click Add.
  3. Fill in the details about the method of payment, such as the name of the bank and the account number.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Delete payment method

  1. Click Settings > Sending.
  2. Under Payment method, next to the method of payment that you want to remove, click Delete.

Use factoring

If a third party (a so-called factor) handles incoming payments from your customers, you need to add their details to Kofax Invoice Portal. This information is included in the invoice if you select Use factoring in the Payment details section when creating the invoice.

  1. Under Payment method, select Use payee/factoring organization information.
    The Factoring organization section appears.
  2. Under Factoring organization section, specify the following details:
    1. Type the name of the company and their address.
    2. Provide their organization number.
    3. Add a method of payment:
      • First, select the payment type in the drop-down list and click Add. The payment type appears in the list.

      • Second, specify the required information in the fields next to the payment type (if any), such as bank and account number.

    To delete a method of payment, find it in the list and click Delete.

  3. Click Save.