Start sending invoices

To start sending invoices through the web interface, you need to specify your payment method. See Payment method.

Then you are ready to create and send an invoice to an Invoice Portal member.

Also, you can invite customers, integrate with your business system for sending, edit your member account information, and make use of free and paid features to customize your outgoing invoices.

For better experience, configure the following settings:

  1. Adjust your account settings. See Member account.
  2. Adjust settings related to sending invoices. See Sending.
  3. (Optional) Invite customers to start sending invoices electronically. See Customers.
    For example, if your customer is not an Invoice Portal member, create a card for the customer so that you can send invoices electronically.

After you start sending invoices, you can:

  • View and copy sent invoices
  • View the invoices to be sent (in the invoice queue, if enabled)
  • Edit invoices