Identifier types

In Kofax Invoice Portal, the following types of identifiers are used to identify electronic recipients of the same member:

  • Official

    Issued by authorities and standardized in the country of issuance and/or internationally.

    Examples: VAT/Tax ID, IBAN, GLN.

  • Free-form

    Created by a member to forward incoming invoices to designated recipient addresses of this member.

    Example: e-ID or Other ID (in the Identifier type drop-down list).

    Internal reference is not an ID but can be used as an additional means of sorting invoices in a receiving business system.

Either an official or free-form ID must be specified per electronic recipient. Otherwise, invoices to this recipient will be routed only if sent from the Kofax Invoice Portal web interface (but not from an integrated business system).

The GLN is a preferable identifier type as it is internationally recognized. If the recipient's GLN is specified, it significantly reduces the possibility of errors during electronic processing and routing of the invoices to this recipient. However, if you do not have a unique GLN per every recipient office, use other identifiers, either official or free-form.

For free-form IDs, do not specify text with white spaces and new lines as it can cause errors in some business systems.

Along with recipient unique identifiers, the following identifying information is included in invoices to every recipient:

  • Member identifiers
  • Legal address
  • Delivery address

The member identifiers and legal address are the same for all member recipients. The delivery address does not affect electronic invoice delivery and processing, and may be the same for different recipients (except the address name). For an electronic recipient, only the identifiers and name need to be unique.