Invoice queuing is used to enhance control over invoices transferred from your business system that are actually delivered to the recipients.

If you want to manually confirm invoices created in your business system and transferred to Kofax Invoice Portal before sending them to customers, contact Kofax Invoice Portal administrator. Such invoices are first sent to the invoice queue.

To access the invoice queue, click Invoice > Queued. You can view, send, or delete queued invoices. Before sending a queued invoice, check the content for compliance. Invoices to be sent by post require extra costs and may need special attention.

Invoices may be placed in the queue if the recipient is not identified or if the invoice receiving information, such as email address or electronic invoice information, is missing or incomplete.

Navigate to Customers > Summary, click Check and Update, and then click Edit for the selected customer to verify that the Email address for receiving PDF invoices is filled in correctly.