A member may configure several recipient offices. Recipient information consists of:

  • Address (which may be a delivery address and/or a legal address)
  • (Optional) Unique identifiers
  • (Optional) File transport settings

If file transport settings and a unique identifier are specified, such recipient can receive invoices through Kofax Invoice Portal by means of electronic communication (email, FTP, API) to a separate electronic address/business system. In this case, having multiple electronic recipients is used for invoice routing.

An address without file transport settings may not be used for routing or electronic processing of the incoming invoices, but may be used for bookkeeping because it is included in the invoices. Also, when sending an invoice to a Kofax Invoice Portal member, the sender can choose what delivery address to specify in the invoice as the buyer address and as the delivery address.

Initially, a member has one recipient based on the data specified during registration. Later, you can set up more electronic recipients or delivery addresses, and change the legal address.