Kofax Invoice Portal rejects invoices that do not match the recipient's acceptance criteria. In some cases, these invoices are dismissed immediately and they cannot be sent. In case the error can be fixed easily, faulty invoices are received by the recipient who may reject them or review and accept them according to their settings and procedures. In this case, the recipient is notified by email about incoming invoices that need their attention.

Incoming invoices that are rejected

By default, incoming invoices that do not match your receiving settings are rejected. You can find them under Invoice > Rejected. When the sender makes corrections in the invoice and resends it, it is displayed under Invoice > Received.

Optionally, a member administrator can suspend or disable rejection of invalid incoming invoices. Then such invoices are suspended for the specified period and displayed under Invoice > Rejected with a warning symbol . You can accept or reject suspended invoices. If you accept a suspended invoice, it is moved to Invoice > Received. If you reject a suspended invoice or the review time expires, it is marked with a leftward arrow and you can only view or delete it.

If you previously configured Invoice Portal to disable automatic acceptance of invoices in Settings > Receiving, you can only accept such invalid invoices or click Notify sender to send an email informing a sender that the member cannot accept the specified invoice.

Outgoing invoices that are rejected

If the invoices you send do not match the recipients' settings, they are rejected and shown under Invoice > Sent with a warning symbol in the Status column. To see all rejected invoices, in the Show drop-down list, select Rejected. You can edit your invoices that have been rejected.

A rejected invoice email notification is sent to a member administrator with the information about the rejection reason, such as incorrect recipient address, invalid email, spam report, or unsubscribes.