After you have configured Invoice Portal to start receiving invoices, invoices sent to you through Kofax Invoice Portal are formatted, filtered, and delivered according to your settings. You can view incoming invoices in the web interface and at the file transport channel specified in your receiving settings.

After you have configured Invoice Portal to start sending invoices, you can create and send invoices in the web interface, transfer invoices from your business system depending on your membership level (not available for the Free level), and check the status of your sent invoices.

Where to find received invoices

Incoming invoices are stored in Invoice Portal on the following tabs.

  • Invoice > Received: For successfully received invoices.
  • Invoice > Rejected: For invoices not complying with your receiving settings.

Where to find sent invoices

Outgoing invoices are stored in the Kofax Invoice Portal web interface on the following tabs.

  • Invoice > Sent: For successfully sent or rejected invoices. To see whether an invoice is received or rejected, check the status.
  • Invoice > Queued: For non-completed invoices requiring changes to match the recipient criteria.
  • Invoice > Drafts: For non-completed invoices awaiting for additional information before you can send them.