Printing service

You can invite non-member customers or suppliers by sending them invitations through Kofax Invoice Portal. For invitations, you have two delivery options: by email or by post as described in this topic. Email delivery is free but may be not available if you have no email address of that recipient. In this case, you can arrange sending printed out invitations by post. Such delivery costs extra as per item and is available only if you have upgraded your member account to Basic or higher.

The same delivery option is available for invoices. When you transfer invoices from your business system, you can also use the printing service. Postal delivery is reserved only for invoices to non-member recipients who have only a postal address, but no email address is specified in their card in your customer list.

  1. Click Settings > Sending.
  2. Under Printing service, select Use printing service.

    More options appear.

  3. Select Add invitation/reminder to invoices when printed to arrange that invitations or reminders are printed out and included in the envelope.

    (Optional) Go to Customers > Invitation text and Invitation reminder to review the text.

  4. Select Require manual confirmation before sending transferred invoice to the printing service to queue invoices from your business system before printing.

    With this option, you make sure you do not print out unnecessary or faulty documents.

  5. Select Add attachments to invoices when printed to arrange that documents attached to the invoice (if any) are printed out and included in the envelope.
  6. Select the postage type from the listed options.
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page.