Add one manually

To add a supplier manually, complete the following steps.

  1. Under Add suppliers, click Add one manually.
  2. Specify as much information about the supplier as possible.

    The Action date field is for your own internal purposes. The deadline is included in the invitations and reminders that you send to suppliers. For example, you can set the action date for a week after the deadline as a reminder to yourself to follow up on the status of the supplier and see whether they accepted your invitation.

  3. For suppliers based in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, type the supplier's organization number in the Identifier box.

    Click Add and then click Get address. Now their name and address are automatically filled in.

  4. Provide a supplier ID.

    This ID is used throughout Kofax Invoice Portal as another way to identify the supplier. For example, this ID can correspond to the one in your internal master data system.

  5. Click Add at the bottom of the screen.