When can a package be signed?

In general, a template or draft is not directly signable.

A signing package must contain at least one signer and one document with a signature field for a signer. Go through the guided creation wizard and click Finish on the Package settings page to prepare the signing package for signing.

If an email address is included, the signer is notified via email. A link to open a browser to start signing is included in the email. There are a number of options for how and when this notification is sent:

Note If the signing package has been Declined, Voided, Completed, Archived or if it has Expired, it can no longer be signed by any person. It is possible that a signing package is edited so that it is no longer signable, such as when a document is deleted. If this occurs, the signing package goes back into the draft state.

Signing can be started using one of the following channels: