SignDoc Standard uses the concept of wizards for two main tasks:

Note The wizard steps may vary, depending on the configuration settings. For example, the E-sign consent step may be excluded if a signer is not required to accept consents prior to signing. The consent step is included if the signer is required to accept either the E-sign consent or the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) consent statements.

Wizard page overview

In general, a wizard page is available from:

  • Navigation bar on top
  • Information panel on the right side
  • Content area
  • Navigation controls on bottom

Wizard navigation bar

The wizard presents the progress of the task graphically and also acts as a means of navigation. Each step in the wizard is represented by a number and text.

In the following example, in-person signing is the currently active step.

1 Welcome: The user has completed this step.

2 In-person signing: This is the currently active step.

3 Finish: The user has not yet visited this step.

Wizard navigation controls

Below the content region are the main navigation controls for the user, such as Cancel, Save, Back, Next, Finish.

Wizard information panel

Each step in the wizard includes an information panel, which gives concise instructions on how to complete the current step.