Send documents for signing

Create a signing package to send documents for recipients to sign. A SignDoc Standard signing package is a container used to send one or more documents for signing or reviewing. A signing package can have multiple multi-page documents and several recipients with different roles.

Fields can be added to documents to collect signatures and information from the signers. The field assignment ensures that the recipient is able to edit only relevant fields. SignDoc Standard guides the recipients through all documents and all required actions in the signing process.

Note Before sending a signing package, a user can save it as a draft. A signing package can only be saved after it has passed validation. Click Continue to proceed to edit the signing package.

Important The user can no longer edit the signing package once the signing process is started.

Use a template

Templates are a good choice when you have a set of documents and recipients that you need to send out repeatedly. Templates can be selected from the Templates page or the Create package page. See Templates.