Manage signing packages and templates

Use the SignDoc Standard central overview page to manage the user's signing packages and template packages. The Signing packages page offers the following features:

  • Search for signing packages
  • Select actions for signing packages
  • Access for user preferences, help, guide me
  • Create signing packages

The signing certificate icon is visible if at least one signer requires a signing certificate.

Each signing package is shown with:

  • Document thumbnail

    Signing package: A thumbnail of the first page of the first document.

    Template package: A thumbnail of the first page of the first document with the label Template.

  • Date and time of last update
  • Package title
  • TSP required
  • Signer certificate required
  • Signing package status information
  • Available actions for packages

    View, Edit, Void, Use, Delete, Archive, Make a copy, Create Template, Restart and Sign now for in-person signing

    The View action offers additional actions to resend the signing package, download documents, cancel signing package, create template from signing package, or sign now for in-person signing.