Administrate accounts

Click Administration in the application header to access the account administration area, which is available to users with the appropriate rights.

The Overview page contains the following sections:

Summary dashboard

A dashboard provides you with a summary overview of information that is relevant for the account.

If an account license is active, the following information is presented:

  • License state

    Specifies whether or not the currently installed account license is valid.

  • Number of users

    Displays both the number of users created within this account, as well as the maximum number of users permitted for this account based on the current license.

  • Number of signing packages

    Displays both the number of signing packages created within this account, as well as the maximum number of signing packages permitted for this account based on the current license.

  • License expires on

    Displays the date on which the current license will expire, as well as the number of days left before the expiry. After the license is expired, the system can no longer be fully used.

  • URL

    Displays the URL for direct access to this specific SignDoc Standard account.

  • Status

    Displays the status of this account. Specifically, it displays whether or not the account is active or has been suspended.

Note If a global license is used, only URL and Status information is displayed.

Account section

This section contains links to pages that are specific to configuring the settings for this account. The options include:

  • Manage users

    Edit individual user details, passwords and group membership.

  • Account details

    View and edit your personal account details.

  • Notifications

    View and configure your package notifications.

  • Personalization

    Adapt the look of SignDoc Standard to your own style.

Settings section

  • Signing settings

    View and edit default settings to use during the signing process.

  • Supplemental documents

    View and edit document types.

  • Documents and packages

    Settings related to documents and packages.

  • System

    System settings.

  • Security

    Security settings.

  • Mail

    Mail related settings

  • Plugins

    Settings related to plugins.

  • Advanced signing settings

    Advanced settings related to the signing process.

  • Client

    Client-related settings.

License and billing section

This is a section of links to settings pages that are specific to configuring licensing and billing options for this account. Currently, the only option available is the Account license option:

  • Account license

    View and configure account license information.

Note The license and billing section is not displayed when a global license is used.

Clicking any of the blue links in the Account section leads you to a page where you can perform the configuration for a particular type of account settings.