Audit trail

The audit trail for a signing package and the signed documents is distributed immediately after completion to all recipients as one document readable in standard PDF viewers such as Adobe Reader. The audit trail is included as an attachment to the email.

The audit trail records all relevant actions during the signing package life cycle. This means it contains relevant actions and data created within SignDoc Standard.

An audit trail contains information about:

  • The signing package.
  • The recipients of the signing package.
  • Performed actions for accessing the signing package for each recipient.
  • Performed actions for each document of the signing package in chronological order.

The lists below show more detailed information contained in the audit trail.

Signing package information

Package Name
Name of the signing package.
Package Description
Description of the signing package.
Package ID
Unique identifier for a signing package.
Date Time created
Date and time when the signing package was created.
Signing package status when the audit trail was generated. The status "completed" is applied when all recipients review and sign the signing package.
eConsent Text
Text which the signer or reviewer has to accept before accessing the signing package. This text can be changed by the account owner.
Date Time completed
The date and time the signing package was completed.
The events recorded for activities on the signing package container (see Actions).

Recipient list

Name of the recipient.
Email address
Email address of the recipient.
Role of the recipient: signer or reviewer.
Date time completed
Date and time the recipient completed the required actions for the signing package.
Method used for authentication.
Events recorded for activities of the recipient independent from the document (see Actions).

Document list

Identifier for the document.
Name of the document.
Description of the document.
Events recorded for activities on the document (see Actions).


Date Time
Date and time the action was created.
Performed by
Name of the recipient performing the action.

List of actions

Action when a document is opened.
Viewed page
Action when a recipient visits a document page.
Acceptance of eConsent
Action when a recipient agreed to e-sign consent.
Action when a recipient is authenticated.
Action when a recipient signed.