Sign and review documents

This topic explains how recipients of prepared documents can use the SignDoc Standard service to sign or review the documents.

  • Any signer who receives an email notification from the sender on behalf of SignDoc Standard can sign in a straightforward remote signing session:

    Note The E-sign Consent step may be excluded if the recipient is not required to accept consents prior to signing.

    1 Welcome: Authentication of the recipient

    2 Consent: Agree with the E-sign consent

    3 Review & Sign: Review and sign documents

    4 Finish: Finish the signing process

  • The signer can also use the in-person signing session, which enables the signing of documents without the need to send an email to the recipient:

    1 Welcome: Authentication of the recipient

    2 In-person signing: Review and sign documents in-person

    3 Finish: Finish the signing process

Note A recipient is not requested to log in to SignDoc Standard. The recipient, or the signing host in case of in-person signing, needs access to the Internet and an email application.

The recipient can decline the process every time. See Decline a signing package.