Account administrator

Person who uses the software for creating signing packages or template packages. The account administrator initiates the SignDoc Standard sequence and administrates roles of users within the account. An account can have more than one administrator.


Use "any" when each recipient with the Signer role can fill an editable field (text field, check box).


Limits access to the signing package to authorized persons only.

Autocomplete search

Search function that helps finish what is being typed by comparing the current text with the text entered previously.

Completed signing package

A signing package has the status of "completed" when all recipients fulfill the required actions. No recipient has declined the signing package.

Declined signing package

A signing package has the status "declined", when a recipient has declined to sign or review the signing package.

Final document

PDF file that contains the audit trail information and the signed PDF documents.

In-person signing

One or more persons can review and/or sign the documents with the assistance of the signing host (the account holder).

The participants of the signing session must be physically present.

The signing host facilitates the signing session but may not participate in it. The signing host oversees that control of the signing device is passed on to the active signer.

SignDoc Standard user

Person who initiates the SignDoc Standard sequence.

A user:

  • Creates a signing package or a template package.
  • Manages his or her own created tasks.
  • Creates and maintains workflow.
  • Views (dashboard) / receives (email) status information / notifications.
  • Receives audit data information.
Person (identified by name and email address) who receives an invitation to the signing package.
Role of a recipient. Recipients with the Reviewer role receive the signing package for information.
A reviewer:
  • Cannot edit the contents of interactive fields.
  • Must accept the E-sign consent.
  • Must open the document.
  • Can decline or complete a package only once. A reviewer must provide a decline reason.

Role of a recipient who:

  • Has interactive fields assigned.
  • Can edit the contents of interactive fields, if the fields are not set to read-only.
  • Must accept the E-sign consent before completing the document.
  • Must open the document. If all fields are marked as optional for the signer the document is immediately considered completed after it is opened.
  • Must complete all required fields of a document that have been uniquely assigned to the signer.
  • Can complete or decline a signing package only once. A signer must provide a decline reason.

Signing package

Container used to send one or more documents for signing or reviewing. A signing package can have multiple multi-page documents and several recipients with different roles.


Responsible for a certain set of signing packages for one SignDoc Standard account.

Team manager

SignDoc Standard user defined to administrate a team. A team can have more than one manager.

A team manager:

  • Assigns one or more team managers for this team
  • Invites users to become a team member
Team member

SignDoc Standard user associated with the account and with signing packages and template packages for a team.

Template package

Container with multiple multi-page documents and several recipient aliases with different roles.

Voided signing package

Signing package canceled by the sender (SignDoc Standard user).