Package settings

On the Package settings page, you can update the signing package details.

Name of the signing package.
Description for the signing package.
Define if the signing package expires and become voided if not yet completed.
Audit trail options:
Add audit trail information to the signing package container.
Create audit information for each document.
Note We recommend that you keep the audit trail options selected.


Signing invitation send date:
Define when a signing invitation email is sent to recipient(s).
Add reminders:
Email reminders are sent to recipients if they haven’t yet completed the signing package.
Note When using series signing routing only the first recipient gets a reminder email if he hasn’t yet completed the signing package.
Email title:
The title of the signing invitation email that is sent to receipts.
Email body:
Text to include in signing invitation email.

Email fields advanced features

Both Email title and Email body fields support advanced features:

  1. Use the $USER placeholder in the fields text to insert the name of the current user (signing package creator) in the email. For example, when setting Email title to $USER invites you to sign the document, the signing package recipients receive an email with the subject containing the actual user name instead of $USER.
  2. Auto-fill with the default value. You can clear all existing content in the fields to let the application insert default text from the configuration. Note that the application uses default values for the language of the signing package recipients.

Preferred language effect

When recipients in the signing package have a different preferred language, the application hides the Email title and Email body fields, because for the notification messages, the title and content is dependent on the recipient language. In this case, the application shows a message explaining why the email fields are hidden.

For example, a recipient with French as the preferred language receives a message with French content. An administrator can set up translations for specific languages in the Administration section.

Start a signing package

After the user clicks Finish, the signing package is started.