Log in to SignDoc Standard

An account administrator invites users to SignDoc Standard. As a user, you receive an email with the request to provide a password. The email address and password are your credentials to log in.

  1. Open your Internet browser.
  2. Use the link provided in the email sent by the account administrator to access the SignDoc Standard portal page, and then click Login. In case the portal page is disabled by a system administrator you are taken directly to the login page.

    Type your user id or email address. Then enter your password and click Sign in.

    In some instances, the application prompts you to enter your account id. You receive your account id after purchasing SignDoc Standard. The account id is unique to your (or your company’s) account.

    Preset account mode

    When the prompt for entering the account id is not visible the application runs in preset account mode. In this mode the corresponding account is preset in the application and you don't have to care about the account id. Nevertheless you can switch from the preset account to another one by clicking "Change account". In this case the login page displays the prompt to enter an account id.

    Log in with account id

    Log in without account id (preset account mode)

  3. When Single Sign-on (SSO) is configured in your system you can directly log in by clicking Sign in with SSO

Continue with creating and sending documents for signing and reviewing. See Send document for signing.


The header is placed at the top of the application.

You can find the following elements in the header:

  • Logo (can be customized for an account)
  • Link to the Help page
  • Link to the Administration page
  • User name as a drop-down list with the following links:
    • Link to Preferences (depending on the view, it may be hidden)
    • Link to Log out
  • Navigation panel (selected page is highlighted):
    • Link to the Signing packages page
    • Link to the Templates page
    • Link to the Teams page