Supplemental documents

For some services such as consumer loan applications, signers are required to upload supplemental documents during the signing process. Examples of such documents are scans of ID documents (driver's license, photo ID), proof of residence, or proof of income (pay slip).

The list of documents to be supplied is visible on the Review & Sign page below the list of documents to be signed or reviewed. The name and description of the supplemental documents are displayed in the current signer's language. If no translation exists for the document type, it is displayed in English. If an English locale translation is not defined, the default description is used.

After clicking Add or the document title, the signer is prompted to upload files in one of the following formats: PDF, Microsoft Word, JPEG, or PNG.

After clicking Upload, the signer is prompted to select the files to upload. The signer can also drag files into the Upload dialog box.

Note On mobile devices, the signer may have the option to capture a photo with a built-in camera.

When finished, click Done to close the Upload dialog box.

To view any uploaded PDF file, click the file name. The PDF is opened in a new browser tab, or downloaded to the file system.

Remove any uploaded file by clicking the applicable delete icon . ClickRemove All to remove all uploaded files at once.

If necessary, click the Cancel icon to cancel the upload process for any file.

While an upload or remove action is processing, the Done button is disabled.

After the signer has uploaded the maximum number of allowed documents, the Upload button is disabled.

After clicking Done, the signer sees the Review & Sign page with the updated document status.

Once all required supplemental documents are provided and all documents of the signing package are completed, the Finish action is available for the signer.