RightFax fax server - COM API

In addition to configuring the connection to the RightFax fax server in KC Plug-In, RightFax client software must be installed and a user/extension should be identified on the fax server for use with Kofax Import Connector. Work with your fax server administrator to complete the following steps.

Configure RightFax server

  1. On the RightFax fax server, start the Enterprise Fax Manager tool.
  2. Create (or reserve) a user/extension for use with Kofax Import Connector.
  3. Close the tool.

Install RightFax client

  1. On the Message Connector computer(s), start the RightFax Product Suite setup.
  2. When prompted for setup type, select Typical Client.
  3. In the RightFax Server Name field, type IP address or name of the fax server.
  4. Click Install and finish the installation.
  5. Start RightFax FaxUtil from the Windows Start menu.
  6. Type the login information. Do not select Remember password! Click OK. You must be able to connect.

    On successful login, the RightFax FaxUtil window is displayed.

    RightFax fax client

  7. Close the client.

Forwarding faxes from multiple mailboxes to a single queue user

In KC Plug-In, you can only configure a single user for accessing RightFax. If you need to access multiple mailboxes, this would have to be the administrator user. As a workaround, if you do not want to use administrator user for security reasons, consider setting up fax forwarding to a dedicated user, and use the credentials of this dedicated user in KC Plug-In. Each fax user must configure fax forwarding using RightFax FaxUtil.

  1. Start RightFax FaxUtil from the Windows Start menu and log in.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  3. On the Receiving tab, select Forward Received Faxes to User.
  4. Select the dedicated user as the recipient of the forwarded faxes.
  5. Confirm the changes and close FaxUtil.

Keeping messages on RightFax server

By default, Kofax Import Connector deletes imported messages from the fax server. You can configure Message Connector to keep the messages on the fax server for later processing.

  1. In Keep messages on RightFax Server of Fax Server tab, set to [2] Yes.
  2. Start Message Connector configuration. Verify the value in the Fax Server tab.
  3. Click Save, then click Exit.

Imported messages are no longer deleted from the RightFax server, instead, the text KCFax:marked to delete is added to the comment field and the flag FAXFLAG_GENERIC2 is set.