Using help

This online Help system includes a description of KC Plug-In user interface. To access KC Plug-In Help, press F1 or click Help.

Locate information in Help by selecting one of the tabs described in this topic.

Contents Tab

The Contents tab shows an outline of the KC Plug-In Help contents. Book icons indicate a major topic and expand to subtopics. The topic you select appears in the right pane (the pane in which you are reading this text).

Index Tab

The Index tab shows a list of keywords. Each keyword is associated with one or more Help topics. When you click a keyword, a topic appears in the right pane.

Search Tab

On the Search tab, you can use full-text search to locate words and phrases. For example, if you type fast scan in the search box and then click Search, all topics containing fast scan display in the list. Click a topic in the list and it appears in the right pane with all instances of the word(s) highlighted.

Printing help topics

Once a Help topic is opened, you can use the Print option from your browser to print a hardcopy on the printer that is connected to your computer. You can print one topic at a time.