Import mappings tab

Use this tab to edit Kofax Capture destination parameters related to the selected batch class.

Batch class

Select one of the existing Kofax Capture batch classes. If you are importing XML documents that contain batch class information, the batch class from the XML is used instead.

Document class

Select a document class. Alternatively, select one of the options:

  • Unclassified document

  • Loose Pages - No document will be used

Create document per attachment

Select this check box if each attachment should be a separate Kofax Capture document.

Folder class

Select a folder class. Alternatively, select Undefined - no folders will be created.

Form type

Select a form type. Alternatively, select Undefined form type - no form type will be used.

XML mapping

Use this feature if you want to extract information from XML documents and use them to populate Kofax Capture batch / folder / document fields. See Use XSL transformation to map metadata and XML data.

  • None: Disables XML mapping.

  • Simple: Maps metadata and/or XML document data to the particular fields of the batch/folder/document classes that are configured for the destination where the mapping occurs. It is not possible to control the batch/folder/document class names through the input XML data.

  • XML Import Connector compatible: Uses the Kofax Capture XML Import Connector compatible format.

  • Generic: If the information about batch/folder/document classes is included in the XML document. The information from the XML overrides the destination settings. If some value is not specified in the XML, the settings of the destination are used.

Show Files for Visual Designer button

Click to display the folder with files required for XML mapping.

Batch fields / Folder fields / Document fields

Use this table to map message fields to Kofax Capture batch / folder / document fields:

  • Message fields are information that Message Connector delivers with each message.

  • Message extension fields are not provided by Message Connector by default. Customizing Message Connector is required to access message extension fields. Contact Kofax staff for more information.

  • You can also specify constant values.

  • You can also delete existing mapping.

  • The Capture default column displays values defined in the Kofax Capture batch class. Any mapping configured in Value column overrides the mapping in the Capture default column.

Remove mappings
Removes all the mappings from the selected tab (Batch fields or Folder fields or Document fields). Click Yes to confirm deletion.
Note The mappings are deleted only when you click OK.