Use EDI samples

Four sample EDI formats are installed with KC Plug-In. They are available in the installation folder of KC Plug-In.

  • EDI\SampleConfigFiles\EDIFACT.D.2000A-INVOIC

  • EDI\SampleConfigFiles\EDIFACT.D.2000A-ORDERS

  • EDI\SampleConfigFiles\X12.5010-810

  • EDI\SampleConfigFiles\X12.5010-850

Each sample folder contains an XSD and XML file for configuring the EDI type, a Kofax Capture batch class, a XSL transformation file for generic mapping, and a sample input file.

  1. Configure a new EDI type.
    1. As your XML schema definition file (.xsd), select one of the following:
      • INVOIC.xsd

      • ORDERS.xsd

      • 810.xsd

      • 850.xsd

    2. As your sample XML file, select Sample.xml from the same folder.
  2. Import the sample batch class from the same folder to your Kofax Capture and publish it.
  3. Create a new destination.
    1. As XML type, select the one created in step 1.
    2. As Batch class, select the one imported in step 2.
    3. Select Generic XML mapping.
    4. Click Show Files for Visual Designer to open the folder containing destination specific configuration files.
    5. Copy the file XMLMapping.xslt from the sample folder to the destination folder.

You can now use folder import to import the sample input file (Input file <type>.txt) to test the functionality.

Note The provided EDI samples function only with generic XML mapping.