Document conversion in Message Connector

Kofax Import Connector can convert text, HTML, and Microsoft Office documents to a format readable by Kofax Capture. It can also convert images. Supported formats depend on the available convertor tools. Refer to the Kofax Import Connector Installation Guide for details.

  1. Start Message Connector Configuration utility from the Kofax Import Connector group in the Windows Start menu.
  2. Expand the Document Conversion tab.
  3. Select Enable Decompression to extract documents from compressed files. The following formats/extensions are supported: zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip. Extraction happens before regular document conversion, that is, a Word document extracted from a zip file can be further converted into PDF. Extraction is repeated if the extracted file is another compressed file (such as zip within zip), until all compressed files are extracted. Zip file containing multiple files with same name is also extracted. The following restrictions apply:
    • Password-protected compressed files are not extracted.

    • Archives split to multiple volumes are not supported.

    • EML documents from compressed files are not subject to further extraction/document conversion.

    • If the extraction ends without error, the compressed file is discarded. When archiving to folder is enabled, the extracted files are archived, not the compressed ones.

  4. Select the tool for converting Microsoft Office and selected Open Office documents.
    • Microsoft Office

    • Open/Libre Office

    • KFXConverter

    • <disabled>

  5. Select the tool for converting MHTML and HTML documents.
  6. If you select as a conversion tool in step 4, make sure that you have installed the necessary extension. Refer to the Kofax Import Connector Installation Guide.
  7. If you select Microsoft Office as a conversion tool in either step 4 or step 5, and you are using Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10, or later as operating system, select the Windows user account to be used for Microsoft Office DCOM automation. For initial tests and troubleshooting, you may use the interactive user. For production use, you must specify an administrator user.
  8. Click Advanced. In the Security Options tab, verify that document conversion is not disabled.
  9. Click Save. Click Exit and restart service.

These steps set up the general document conversion capabilities of a Message Connector. Use destinations and rules to configure what document conversion should be performed for a particular document. See Destinations Tasks and Configure rules.