Configure Message Connector as FoIP server

Message Connector can act as a fax over IP device and accept incoming faxes. To configure Message Connector as FoIP server, do the following:

  1. On the KC Plug-In computer, create or edit a connection between KC Plug-In and Message Connector. Click Add and select FoIP Import to add fax over IP to the list of import connectors. See Add connections.
  2. Contact the administrator of your fax over IP network. Make sure the IP address of Message Connector is assigned an extension on the FoIP gateway. In an ideal case, no further configuration is necessary and faxes sent to that extension automatically end up in Message Connector storage. If not, proceed with the next steps.
  3. Start Message Connector Configuration utility from the Kofax Import Connector group in the Windows Start menu.
  4. Optional. On the General tab, enter the Own Fax Number. This number is displayed on the fax device that sends a fax to you as your fax number.
  5. Click Advanced to display additional configuration options.
  6. On the Security Options tab, verify that Disable FoIP is not selected.
  7. On the List of Call Peers tab, specify the protocol supported by your FoIP gateway (H.323 or SIP, with or without registration), its IP address and port, and other parameters as required by the gateway.
    • By default, H.323 protocol is not enabled.

    • Message Connector can accept up to eight inbound FoIP calls at the same time. Any inbound call attempts above this will be rejected due to the busy condition.

  8. Review the settings in the tabs VoIP/FoIP Network, Voice Codecs, Fax, H.323 Signaling, and SIP Signaling.
  9. Click Save. Click Exit and restart service.