Add connections

A single instance of KC Plug-In can connect to multiple Message Connectors.

At least one destination must exist before connecting to Message Connector. See Destinations Tasks.

  1. Start KC Plug-In configuration. Do one of the following
    • On a Kofax Capture Network Server remote site, start KC Plug-In from the KIC - Electronic Documents group in the Windows Start menu.

    • On other Kofax Capture installations, start Kofax Capture Administration, and select Electronic Documents > Configuration.

  2. On the Connection Tasks menu, click Add Connection.
  3. Enter a descriptive Connection name.
  4. Change the Message Connector URL to your installed Message Connector host name or enter the URL of the computer where Message Connector is running. For a non-secure connection, use http://address:port. For a secure connection, use https://address:port. The default address is https://localhost:25086.
  5. Click Test Connection to verify that KC Plug-In can connect to Message Connector. Click Open Monitor to launch the Message Connector Monitor web page in the default web browser.
  6. In Poll interval, enter a value in seconds how often should KC Plug-In poll Message Connector for new messages. The default value is 60 seconds. This field can take values from 1 to 65535.
  7. If a password for the Process user is configured in Message Connector, enter it into the Process password field (blank by default).
    If a password for Process user is configured in Message Connector, enter the password into this field. This password controls the import of documents in Message Connector and display of Passive Inputs in Message Connector Monitor. If you do not configure the same password which you have specified in Message Connector, the following issues are observed:
    • Message Connector does not poll and import documents.

    • Passive inputs are not visible in Message Connector Monitor.

    Note By default, this field is always displayed as blank.

    When editing the connection settings, provide the process password only if it is changed. Once you enter the new password and save the connection settings, password provided here will override the stored password.

  8. For Operating time, select the check box and set time in hours and minutes if you want to limit the operating time of this connection to Message Connector.
  9. Select a Default Destination.
    Note The default destination must not have an XML type specified.
  10. Enable one or more import connectors to indicate the kind of documents that should be imported:
    1. Click Add and select SMTP Import to enable import via SMTP email. See Configure Message Connector as SMTP server.
    2. Click Add and select Web Service Import to enable import via web service interface. See Configure Message Connector for web service input.
    3. Click Add and select FoIP Import to enable import via fax over IP. See Configure Message Connector as FoIP server.
    4. Click Add and select Mailbox Import to enable importing of POP3, IMAP, EWS and MS Graph email. See POP3, IMAP, EWS and MS Graph.
    5. Click Add and select Fax Server Import to enable importing of fax messages from compatible fax servers. See Access fax servers.
    6. Click Add and select Folder Import to enable importing of documents from a local or network folder. See Access folders.

    You can add and operate multiple import connectors in parallel (up to 100). However, you can select FoIP, SMTP, or web service import only once.

  11. Click OK. Restart the KC Plug-In service.
  • Connecting multiple KC Plug-Ins to a single Message Connector is not supported.

  • You can use the Edit and Remove buttons to modify or delete a selected Import connector, respectively.